Alex Band - Tonight 

Well the sky broke in two
I Found you dancing alone
Then the room filled up with you
And a song we both know
That's when you caught me with your eyes
Sending shivers down my spine
And then you whispered in my ear
You said "I can feel it too"
And then you pulled me into you

Tonight, I got you where I want you
Closer, I can tell you anything
You're the song that I sing
Tonight, let the music take us over
We'll fall into forever, all is right
Cause I got you where I want you

Through all of science and history
Well nothings ever stuck with me
But now I'm locked onto you
And I'm holding on to
The only thing I know
And now I'm never letting go


The whole world could fall away
But You and I
No we won't be afraid.



I got you where I want you


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